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Voice control for radio and media

Voice control commands for the radio and media players are shown below.


The radio can receive broadcasting from the FM waveband with HD Radio™ Technology and SiriusXM® Satellite radio. When the vehicle has an Internet connection, it is also possible to listen to web radio.

Starting the radio

The radio is started from the center display's App view.

Changing waveband and radio station

Instructions for changing wavebands, waveband lists and radio stations in the selected list are provided here.

Searching for a radio station

The radio automatically compiles a list of the radio stations that are sending out the strongest signals in the vehicle's current location.

Radio settings

There are a number of different radio functions that can be activated and deactivated.


RBDS radio

Storing radio channels in the Radio favorites app

It is possible to add a radio station in the Radio favorites app and in the list of favorites for the waveband (e.g. FM). Instructions for adding and removing radio channels are provided below.

  • HD Radio

  • Sirius XM satellite radio