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Media player

Streaming media via Bluetooth®

The vehicle's media player is equipped with Bluetooth and can play audio files from Bluetooth-enabled external devices such as cellular phones and tablets.

Connecting a device via Bluetooth®

Connect a Bluetooth® device to the vehicle to wirelessly play media and give the vehicle an Internet connection if it is available.

Voice control for radio and media

Voice control commands for the radio and media players are shown below.

Media player

The media player can play audio from external audio sources connected via USB port or Bluetooth. It can also play video format via the USB port.

Playing media

The media player is controlled from the center display. Several other functions can also be controlled using the right-side steering wheel keypad or by using voice control. The radio can also be controlled in the media player. See the section describing the radio.

Controlling and changing media

Media playback can be controlled using voice control, the steering wheel keypad or the center display.

Media searches

Searches can be performed to locate a specific artist, composer, song title, album, video, audio book or playlist. If the vehicle is connected to the Internet, it is also possible to search for podcasts (online digital media).

Compatible file formats for media

In order to play media, the following file formats must be used.


Gracenote identifies artists, albums, tracks and any associated images that can be displayed during playback.

Updating Gracenote®

Polestar is constantly working to keep your vehicle up to date. It is therefore a good idea to update Gracenote® at regular intervals. Use an empty USB memory stick to perform the update.

Playing media via the USB port

External audio sources, such as an iPod® or MP3 player, can be connected to the audio system via the vehicle's USB port.

Connecting a device via the USB port

External audio sources, such as an iPod® or MP3 player, can be connected to the audio system via any of the vehicle's USB ports.

Technical specifications for USB devices

For the contents of USB devices to be read, the following specifications must be met.

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