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Sound settings

Sound reproduction quality is preset but can also be adjusted.

The system's volume is normally adjusted using the volume control below the center display or the right-side steering wheel keypad. This applies, for example, when playing music or the radio or during phone calls and active traffic messages.


For some phones, the Bluetooth volume on the phone must be manually set to 100% in order for the audio volume in the vehicle to be high enough. This setting needs to be made for each phone that is connected. The setting is adjusted separately for phone calls and media streaming. The system will then remember the setting and it will not need to be repeated the next time the phone is connected.

Sound reproduction

The audio system is precalibrated using digital signal processing. This calibration takes into account speakers, amplifiers, passenger compartment acoustics, listener location, etc. There is also a dynamic calibration that takes into account the volume control's position and the vehicle's speed.

Personal settings

Different settings are available in Top view under SettingsSound.

Premium Sound (Bowers & Wilkins)

  • Tone - setting for e.g. bass, treble, equalizer, etc.
  • Balance - balance between right/left and front/rear speakers.
  • System Volumes – adjusts volume in the various systems of the car, e.g. Voice Control, Park Assist and Phone Ringtone.