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Settings for Bluetooth devices

Settings for Bluetooth-connected devices.

Bluetooth cell phone compatibility

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables connectivity between multiple media devices. To connect a phone to Polestar's Bluetooth system, the phone must be compatible with the vehicle.

Connecting the vehicle to the Internet via a Bluetooth-connected phone

Establish an Internet connection using Bluetooth and tethering from a phone and get access to multiple connected services in your vehicle.


A phone equipped with Bluetooth can be wirelessly connected to the vehicle's integrated hands-free system.

Voice control for cellular phones

Call a contact in the phone book, have a text message read aloud or dictate short messages using voice control commands to a Bluetooth-connected phone.

Phone settings

When the phone is connected to the car, the following settings can be made:

Managing the phone book

When a phone is connected with Bluetooth to the vehicle, contacts can be managed directly in the center display.

Handling phone calls

Handling phone calls in the vehicle for a Bluetooth-connected cellular phone.

Handling text messages

A Bluetooth-connected cellular phone's text messages can be handled in the vehicle.

Text message settings

Settings for handling text messages received through a connected phone can be personalized.

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