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Approval of terms and conditions and data collection

Messages about different terms and conditions and data collection can be shown in the centre display. Collection of data takes place to provide better car, safety and app functions, for example.

The first time you use your car, a guide opens in the centre display to assist you to make various settings. In connection with the guide, you are also prompted to give your agreement to different types of terms and conditions and the collection of information.

Prompts to give consent can also be shown in the event of, for example:

  • First-time use of apps and services
  • New user profiles
  • Logging out from and deleting user profiles
  • Change of ownership
  • Resetting the settings
To access privacy settings:
Tap on PS2_2007_App view symbol in the centre display.
Press PS2_2007_Settings symbol.
Press Privacy.
Then select Polestar privacy settings, Data sharing with Google or Legal information from Google.

Some settings, such as Digital Key*, can only be made from a profile with administrative privileges.

  1. * Option/accessory.