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Wheel bolts

Wheel bolts are used to attach the wheels to the hubs.

Only use rims that are tested and approved by Polestar and which are Polestar genuine accessories.

Check the tightening torque of the wheel bolts with a torque wrench.

Do not use lubricant on the threads of the wheel bolts.


The wheel bolts may need to be re-tightened several days after the change. Temperature differences and vibration may mean that they are not attached equally as tightly.


The wheel bolts must be tightened to 140 Nm. (103 foot-pound). Overtightening or loose tightening may damage the nuts and the bolts.

Locking wheel bolts*

To loosen or tighten the lockable wheel bolts – turn the wrench in the lock bolt until it fully engages in the code grooves. Always start with the lockable wheel bolts if the wheel shall be removed. When fitting the wheel, finish with the lock screw.


Remember not to use bending force when you loosen/tighten the wheel bolts. This could damage the code groove in the lock bolt and the wheel wrench and so make it impossible to fit/remove the wheel.

Use a wheel wrench adapted for the car. If you have a wheel wrench1, it should be kept in its designated spot in the storage compartment under the bonnet when not in use.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Depending on market, the wheel wrench is not always standard equipment.

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