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Settings in Google Maps

The majority of the settings for Maps are made directly in the app under settings. Here is a list of some examples.

Level of voice guidance

Set the extent of voice guidance, e.g. if you only want to hear traffic information and not the next manoeuvre.

Alternative route

Set so that road tolls and motorways, for example, are avoided in route descriptions.


The instructions above are general descriptions and include third-party suppliers. Availability, procedure and functionality are subject to change or variation.

Other settings

Volume for voice guidance

Turn the volume control under the centre display or the steering wheel's right-hand keypad. An expandable menu is opened in the centre display. Set the volume for voice guidance.

Language and units

If you want to use other languages or units in Maps, these can be changed from the settings in app view PS2_2007_App view symbol. This setting will change the language and units in all displays in the car, not just in Maps.


Changing the language in the centre display may mean that some information in the Manual is not compliant with national or local laws and regulations. Do not switch to a language that is difficult to understand as this may make it difficult to find your way back through the screen structure.