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Angling adjustment of the door mirrors

To ensure better visibility to the rear, the door mirrors need to be set to the preferences of the driver. There are a number of automatic settings that can also be linked to the memory function buttons for the power seat.

Using controls for door mirrors

PS2-2007-Power door mirror control
Controls for door mirrors

The door mirror positions are adjusted with the joystick in the driver's door control panel. The car's electrical system must be active.

Press the L button for the left-hand door mirror or the R button for the right-hand door mirror. The light in the button illuminates.
Adjust the position with the joystick in the centre.
Press the L or R button again. The light should no longer be illuminated.

Fold in rearview mirrors electrically

The mirrors can be retracted for parking/driving in narrow spaces.

Depress the L and R buttons simultaneously.
Release them after approximately 1 second. The mirrors automatically stop in the fully retracted position.

Fold out the mirrors by pressing down the L and R buttons simultaneously. The mirrors automatically stop in the extended position with the previous setting.

Automatic retraction when locking

The rearview mirrors fold in/out automatically when the car is locked/unlocked. The function can be deactivated via the centre display.


If you manually fold in the mirrors with the L and R buttons and then lock the car, they will not fold out automatically when you unlock the car, folding out must then be performed manually.

Restoring to original position

Mirrors that have been moved out of position by an external force must be reset electrically to their original position for electric retracting/extending to work correctly.

Fold in the door mirrors by pressing down the L and R buttons simultaneously.
Fold them out again by pressing the L and R buttons simultaneously.
Repeat the above procedure as necessary.

The mirrors are returned to the original position.

Angling during parking

A door mirror can be angled down for the driver to view the side of the road when parking, for example.

Engage reverse gear and press the L or R button.

Note that the button may need to be pressed twice, depending on whether it was already preselected. The button flashes when the door mirror is angled down. When reverse gear is disengaged, the door mirror automatically returns to its original position.

Automatic angling during parking

With this setting, the door mirrors are automatically angled down when reverse gear is selected. The folded position is preset and cannot be adjusted.

Tap on PS2-2007-Car symbol in the centre display.
Press More.
Tap on Mirrors and select the preferred setting.

You can make the door mirrors return to their original position by pressing the L or R button twice.