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Adjusting the power front seat

Set to desired sitting position using the control on the front seat's seating section. Use the different controls to set the various comfort functions.
PS2- 20w07- Multifunction controls
  1. PS-Icon circle 1Four-way button that controls the seat's four-way lumbar support.
  2. PS-Icon circle 2Raise/lower the seat cushion front edge by adjusting the control up/down.
  3. PS-Icon circle 3Raise/lower the seat by means of adjusting the control up/down.
  4. PS-Icon circle 4Move the seat forward/backward by adjusting the control forward/backward.
  5. PS-Icon circle 5Change the backrest inclination by adjusting the control forward/backward.

Only one movement (forward/back/up/down) can be made at a time.

The backrests of the front seats cannot be lowered fully forward.