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Other conditions for Polestar assistance

The conditions for Polestar assistance1 apply from 1 May 2023.

1.1 Roadside repair

We will provide help on the spot to try to get your car moving again. If we cannot repair your car at the roadside, we will tow it to the nearest Polestar Authorised Service Point, or if you prefer, to your regular Polestar Authorised Service Point.

1.1.1 Flat battery

If the journey cannot be completed due to discharged battery, the car is towed to the nearest charging station or Polestar Authorised Service Point.

In the event of problems starting due to a discharged 12 V battery, we offer jump starting or, if required, a replacement of the 12 V battery within the battery warranty period.

1.1.2 Lock or key related problems

If possible, lock opening will be attempted.

1.2 Towing

Towing is carried out when safety concerns require it or if onsite repair is not possible within a reasonable time. If we cannot repair your car at the roadside, we will tow it to the nearest Polestar Authorised Service Point.

1.3 If further assistance is required

In the event that the car cannot be repaired at the service point within four hours on the same day, you and your passengers may select one of the following options below to continue your journey. Note that you may only select one of the options from 1.3.1, 1.3.2 or 1.3.3.

1.3.1 Transport to home or destination

Polestar assistance covers the cost of a hire car for the first three days, unless otherwise extended by Polestar Customer Support, which makes it possible to either travel home or continue to the destination if this is within the area covered and is not more expensive for Polestar assistance. If a taxi is required for collecting or returning a rental car, or travelling to your destination, this is covered for a value up to 100 AUD. Should there be need for subsequent taxi services, this is authorised by Polestar Customer Support.

1.3.2 Hotel accommodation

If the distance to your home is more than 100 km, for the duration of the repair, hotel accommodation is offered locally for driver and passengers for up to three nights to a maximum value of 200 AUD per night (cost of room only). This alternative can only be selected while the car is in the service point for repair or awaiting repair.

1.3.3 Rental car

If you prefer car rental for while your car is under repair, Polestar assistance covers a car with standard equipment equivalent to your own car in terms of size. You can get a rental car for a maximum of three days, unless otherwise extended by Polestar Customer Support. Other costs such as fuel etc. are not covered by Polestar assistance but can be reimbursed by Polestar Customer Support. Polestar assistance cannot be held liable in the event that Polestar assistance is not able to provide a car of equivalent size, or if local circumstances mean that a rental car is not available.

Please note that the rental car is subject to the terms and conditions of the rental car company. Costs incurred by yourself in agreement with Polestar assistance will be refunded upon proof of receipts and in accordance with the agreement.

1.4 Commercial vehicles2

Taxis, hire cars, police cars, ambulance and driving school cars, etc., are only covered for roadside repair, towing and off-road recovery – 1.1 and 1.2.

Polestar assistance does not cover:

  • competition or practising for competition
  • deliberate infringement of a law in connection with driving the car
  • war or risk of war, revolution, riot, strike, terrorist act, radioactivity, earthquake, atmospheric disturbances or other event that can be classified as force majeure
  • loss of property or cost of downtime
  • VAT when you or the car owner/lessor is obliged to declare for such tax
  • cars that are not registered or outside of the policy timelines
  • repair and spare part costs should this not be a warrantable concern
  • costs for consequential damage, repair and spare parts in connection with a puncture are not covered
  • Polestar assistance does not apply for damage covered by another warranty or for which a supplier or other party has legal liability or similar undertaking
  • Polestar assistance does not cover the cost of tyres or spare parts necessary for repair, regardless of whether recovery is required
  1. 1 Applies to Australia only.
  2. 2 Only applies to cars newer than 37 months old.