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The car is equipped with electronic climate control. The climate control system cools or heats as well as dehumidifies the air in the passenger compartment.

Servicing the climate control system

The air conditioning system must only be serviced and repaired by an authorised workshop.

Climate control - sensors

The climate control system has a number of sensors to help control the climate in the car. Do not cover or block the sensors with clothing or other objects.

Climate zones

The number of climate zones that the car is divided into governs the options for setting different temperatures for different parts of the passenger compartment.

Perceived temperature

The climate control system regulates the climate in the passenger compartment based on the perceived temperature, not on actual temperature.

Activate and deactivate the heater

The heater conditions the car's battery and passenger compartment. To extend the car's range, Heater OFF can be selected.

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