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Sounds from the car

Even if your car is very quiet, it is not entirely soundless and can make various noises during normal daily use. This is quite normal and these sounds should not worry you.

Some of the possible sounds which the car can make during use are listed below.


The sounds below are only a guide to help you understand which sounds can normally be heard from the car during operation. This is not a complete list of normal sounds which can be heard from the car, and is not a diagnosis of the car.

For further information contact Polestar Customer Support.

Sound from the charging socket when the charging handle is locked with a locking pin

For safety reasons, a mechanical locking pin secures the charging handle during charging. The mechanical locking pin is activated around 3 seconds after the charging handle has been inserted.

Sound from climate control system

The climate control system uses several fans and compressors with varying intensity. Under high load, max defrost or max fan level, the sound is evident even outside the car.

Sound when closing or locking the tailgate without key within range

When you press the PS2-2007-Power operated tailgate close and lock button button on the underside of the tailgate and there is no key for the car within range for locking to occur, three signals sound from the car.

The same sound also occurs if anyone tries to open or close the tailgate without key, using the foot sensor function.

Sound when parking brake is applied

A slight motor noise is heard when the car is completely stopped and the mechanical parking brake is engaged.

Warning sound when driving at low speeds

A sound signal is given outside the car when you are driving at low speeds, to warn pedestrians about the car.

Warning sound on reversing

A sound signal is given outside the car when you are reversing, to warn pedestrians about the car.