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Online functions with Google Maps

The car needs an Internet connection for full Maps functionality. A few functions that are accessible when the car is online are listed here.

The functions mentioned are only examples. For the latest information on which functions are available as well as how they work, go to g.co/mapsincar.

Traffic information

If the traffic is moving slowly, orange or red lines are shown, depending on how slowly the traffic is moving. If the car loses its Internet connection, the coloured lines disappear after a few minutes as the information is no longer up to date. Updated traffic information is displayed again when the connection has been re-established. The map also shows information on different types of obstacles, such as roadworks or accidents.

In the event of accidents or other obstacles along the ongoing route, and if another faster route is available, Maps will suggest an alternative route.

Alternative route

When a desired destination has been entered, a route is suggested as well as alternative routes. These suggestions are based on factors such as system settings, traffic information, estimated distance and travelling time. An alternative route is selected from the list of suggested routes, or by steering the car as indicated in the alternative route, which is known as decide by steering.

Change route while driving, Google Maps redirects you dynamically based on current traffic patterns, so that you can avoid traffic congestion.


The instructions above are general descriptions and include third-party suppliers. Availability, procedure and functionality are subject to change or variation.