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Start and switch off preconditioning

Preconditioning heats or cools the passenger compartment, if possible, prior to driving. The function is started directly from the centre display or a mobile phone.

Open the climate view in the centre display by swiping up on the home view.
Press Parking.
Tap on Start preheating/cooling to start preconditioning directly.


Preconditioning is available when the high voltage battery is sufficiently charged, but running preconditioning without the car connected to an electrical socket affects the car's range.


The car's doors and windows should be closed during the preconditioning of the passenger compartment.


When there is someone sitting in the driver's seat1 preconditioning is paused and normal climate control is started. When the car starts to drive2, preconditioning is switched off.
  1. 1 Usage mode Comfort
  2. 2 Usage mode Drive