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Driver support

Driving support systems

The car is equipped with different driver support systems which can assist the driver in different situations, either actively or passively.

Warnings from various driver support systems

If you find that your car operates in a way that you had not expected, this may be because one of the car's safety-related functions has been activated.

General speed warning

Speed-dependent steering force

Speed related power steering causes the steering wheel force to increase with the speed of the car so as to be able to give the driver enhanced sensitivity.

Ready to drive notification

The car's system can help the driver to notice that the vehicle ahead is continuing to drive.

Auto braking after a collision

In the event of a collision in which the activation level is reached for the pyrotechnic seatbelt tensioners or airbags, or if a collision with a large animal is detected, the car's brakes are automatically applied. This function is to prevent or reduce the effects of any subsequent collision.

  • Cruise control functions

  • Speed limiter functions

  • Distance Warning

  • Blind Spot Information

  • Cross Traffic Alert

  • Rear Collision Warning

  • Assistance at risk of collision

  • Driver Alert Control

  • Lane assistance

  • Electronic stability control

  • Road Sign Information

  • Parking functions

  • Camera and radar unit