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Regenerative braking

The car recovers the brake energy and regenerates current to the battery when the driver releases the accelerator pedal or when the foot brake is used.
PS-2007-Regenerative braking meter in driver display
Indication in the driver display during energy recovery.


Slippery or icy conditions may reduce the car’s regenerative capacity.

Regeneration with the accelerator pedal

Release the accelerator pedal.
The car brakes with the selected braking action and charging is indicated in the driver display.


The brake lights come on if the braking force exceeds a certain level.

Regeneration with the brake pedal

Depress the brake pedal
The car brakes and charging is indicated in the driver display.


Polestar recommends regular hard braking with the friction brake to avoid problems with the brake discs caused by inactivity, such as rust or dirt accumulation.