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Braking when stationary

Braking when stationary (Hold) means that the driver can release the brake pedal while maintaining braking force when the car has stopped at a traffic light, for example.

Activate Hold

Depress the brake pedal when stationary to activate Hold. This function is available at all times during driving and works on all inclines.

To activate Hold, make sure that
  • the driver has buckled the seatbelt and/or that the driver's door is closed.
  • gear position D or R is selected.

Deactivate Hold

The function is released when the driver drives off, having selected a gear and depressed the accelerator pedal.


Hold is deactivated even when the driver shifts to neutral position.
The parking brake is activated automatically
  • if the driver unbuckles the seatbelt and/or opens the driver's door.
  • if the function has been active for longer than 10 minutes.

Symbols in the driver display

PS-2007-Hold function symbol
The function is active.