Range and charging

Range figures

Polestar 3 has a Long range Dual motor powertrain, equipped with a powerful 111 kWh battery, which can achieve ranges up to the following distances. Adding the Performance pack prioritises power and acceleration over range.

Long range Dual motor  
Long range Dual motor (Performance pack)  

Charging speed

Home charging points up to 11 kW. Rapid charging points up to 250 kW. Polestar 3 works with a variety of chargers, meaning that a suitable top-up is always within reach.

Electric car charging explained
DC 250 kW, from 10-80%  
AC 11 kW, from 0-100%  

Save time by charging to 80%

It’s often more efficient to top up to 80%, as the final 20% capacity of the battery charges at a much slower rate. So, when going on longer trips, stopping twice instead of opting for one full charge may actually save time.

Intelligent route planning

Polestar 3 comes with Google Maps² built-in. When asked for directions, the navigation software checks the car’s battery level and plans a route that includes any necessary charging stops along the way. It also allows you to check charger availability at nearby facilities.

Polestar 3, range and charging intelligent route planning shown on center display

Charging network

From motorway service stations to city-owned parking spaces, there are currently over 375,000 public charging locations in Europe.

Electric car charging explained
Polestar 3
Behind the steering wheel, the screen shows the battery status data. The car brakes, adding energy back to the battery. The data is updated on the screen.

Extending the range

Regenerative braking

Polestar 3’s regenerative braking system converts braking energy back into power that can be used to extend the car’s range. This reduces wear on brake pads and discs too, which results in lower maintenance costs and less particulate matter emitted into the environment. 

Polestar 3

Extending the range

Heat pump

The heat pump saves battery power and helps to extend Polestar 3's real-life range by drawing thermal energy from the surrounding environment and using it to heat the passenger compartment and the battery.

HMI is in focus, buttons to pre-configure the pre-entry climate control are visible.

Extending the range

Climate preconditioning

Polestar 3 can be pre-heated or pre-cooled. Apart from providing an optimal temperature before the driver even gets in, it also saves a significant amount of battery power, thus extending the range. 

Polestar 3



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