A sustainable future for our planet and everyone on it. We’re standing up for human rights, championing diversity, and insisting on inclusion.

A sustainable future for our planet and everyone on it. We’re standing up for human rights, championing diversity, and insisting on inclusion.

The concept of “leave no one behind” from Agenda 2030 is a key driver of human rights, diversity and equality. We fully embrace inclusion by standing up for the rights of vulnerable people in our supply chain, employees in our workplace, and customers who drive our cars.

As the saying goes, “diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance”. Here’s how our dance floor looks.

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    It starts with us

    Polestar seeks to champion equality regardless of gender, age, beliefs, or background. We’ve appointed an Inclusion Lead to promote inclusion in all parts of our business. Our People policy puts inclusion at the heart of our strategy and work, to make sure that everything we do has a positive impact.

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    Internal reporting policy

    We want everyone at Polestar to be comfortable raising questions or concerns about ethical issues. Our Code of Conduct lays out in detail the policies and practical steps that we should follow to ensure that we act according to the highest ethical standards, and build a speak up culture. With our Speak Up tool we want everybody to feel comfortable asking questions or reporting misconduct when they see it, regardless of who they are or who they are reporting about.

    Read the Polestar Code of Conduct
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    Responsible sourcing

    Our code of conduct for business partners covers Polestar’s requirements and expectations when it comes to protecting working conditions and human rights, caring for the environment and doing business with integrity, including a zero tolerance policy for bribery and corruption.

    Read our Business Partner Code of Conduct
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    Standing up for human rights

    Through different policies, directives and processes, we adhere to The International Labour Organization’s eight core conventions, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Companies, the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the precautionary principle. We expect our business partners to follow the same or similar principles. As part of our procurement process we use our own sustainability index and Drive Sustainability's Self-Assessment Questionnaire to assess potential suppliers on how they work to secure human rights, equality and diversity.

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    Inclusive customer experience

    We are open-minded, and committed to creating space for all voices. We conduct independent spot checks at Polestar spaces to ensure that all our visitors enjoy an immersive and inclusive experience. 

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