Polestar 0 project

Polestar is already collaborating with partners who can help us develop the new solutions that will meet the project’s unprecedented challenges. Below we present some of them.

Polestar is already collaborating with partners who can help us develop the new solutions that will meet the project’s unprecedented challenges. Below we present some of them.

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  • SSAB

    SSAB lead research and production in the field of fossil-free steel and have already made considerable advances using this material.

    Find out more about SSAB
  • Hydro

    Hydro encourages sustainable consumption through the development of innovative products including net-zero aluminium.

    Find out more about Hydro
  • ZF

    ZF delivers innovation in the fields of electric drive train design as well as overall systems expertise and experience.

    Find out more about ZF
  • Autoliv

    Autoliv is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of world-leading passive safety systems for the automotive industry.

    Find out more about Autoliv
  • Pensana

    Pensana is working to establish a more sustainable supply chain of the rare earth materials that are needed for industries including automotive, wind turbine and many others.

    Find out more about Pensana
  • Boliden

    This high-tech metal company is working to guarantee supplies of base and precious metals through ore mining and the production and delivery of quality metals to industry. 

    Find out more about Boliden
  • Papershell

    Papershell believes that the solution to the climate crisis and a sustainable management of resources can be found in nature. They create components that store bio-carbon instead of wasting it on single-use items or biofuels. 

    Find out more about Papershell
  • Sekab

    Sekab is a green chemical company that manufactures biobased chemicals and fuels. By doing so, they help their customers phase out unsustainable products and processes.

    Find out more about Sekab
  • Bulten

    Bulten aims to become the most sustainable company in the fastener sector. Their expertise in this field can play an integral role in pioneering new and innovative technologies.

    Find out more about Bulten
  • Hexpol

    Based on a comprehensive portfolio of TPS, TOP, TPU, TPV and Biobased technologies, Hexpol put material science and compounding to work to create unique materials.

    Find out more about Hexpol
  • Plasman

    Plasman is a global leader in automotive components, specialising in single-source solutions for tooling, injection molding, chroming, paint applications and assembly from concept to completion.

    Find out more about Plasman
  • YFPO

    YFPO are leaders in the creation of composite tailgates and bumpers. By harnessing advanced manufacturing techniques, their solutions reduce vehicle weight, fuel consumption and emissions. 

    Find out more about YFPO
  • Ovako

    The Ovako range of agricultural parts, bearings and fasteners are used in many demanding industrial applications, often providing unique solutions when there are combined requirements on steel.

    Find out more about Ovako
  • Mistra Carbon Exit

    Mistra Carbon Exit is a research programme that identifies and analyses the technical, economic and political opportunities and challenges for Sweden to reach the target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. 

    Find out more about Mistra Carbon Exit
  • Stilride

    Stilride develops electro-mobility devices based on what they call sustainable industrial origami. They are also spearheading a paradigm shift in sheet metal manufacturing. 

    Find out more about Stilride
  • GG Group

    GG Group is a global, family-owned business group, which produces technically advanced high-quality wires and harnesses for automotive and industrial applications.

    Find out more about GG Group
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