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Art can be a way to decorate space. Music can be a way to decorate time.

Art can be a way to decorate space. Music can be a way to decorate time.

And time is in no short supply while driving (depending on the destination, of course). It’s long been an aim that the moments spent behind the wheel of a Polestar are some of the best of the day, with a driving experience that encourages savouring the longest way from one place to another.  

And with the audio experience offered in the SUV for the electric age, driving time has taken on a new character. In fact, one doesn't even need to be driving to appreciate what the Polestar 3 high fidelity sound system provides. As long as one is sitting in it, (literally) surrounded by music.  

Bowers & Wilkins, purveyors of premium audio for over half a century, believes in the most faithful possible reproduction of sound. “The best loudspeaker isn’t the one that gives the most,” stated founder John Bowers. “It’s the one that loses the least.”  

Polestar 3 benefits from that uncompromising approach with 25 strategically placed high-performance speakers specially designed for the electric SUV and powered by a 1610-watt amplifier. The central Tweeter-on-Top, mounted in the middle of the dashboard, is one of five Double-dome aluminium tweeters, each with Nautilus™ swirl chambers. They are joined by seven Continuum© midrange speakers, four woofers, four headrest and four headlining speakers, and a dedicated subwoofer (attached to the exterior via an acoustic coupler). The complete speaker array works together to provide an unparalleled immersive experience across the audio spectrum, regardless of genre.  

True Sound, the guiding principle of Bowers & Wilkins, is the philosophy that nothing from the original recording is lost or added to, ensuring the audio recreation is as faithful to the original as possible.  

“The audio system in Polestar 3 uses hi-fi technologies such as Continuum, found in the speakers used in reference recording studios around the world which helps to create the true sound of the artist,” states Dan Shepherd, VP of Licensing and Partnerships for Bowers & Wilkins. “Along with the iconic Tweeter-on-top, the end result is an accurate and immersive experience we are truly proud of.” 

Of course, the sound system configuration is only one piece of the luxury sound system puzzle, acting as a platform for more immersive experiences within the car. For a greater connection to in-car audio entertainment, Polestar 3 has Dolby Atmos® 

Artists creating for Dolby Atmos can place instruments and sounds at specific places in the three-dimensional space it enables, making for fully immersive audio which draws the listener in, whether driver or passenger. 

“With a Dolby Atmos experience in the Polestar 3, drivers can immerse themselves in the sound sculptures that artists have so carefully crafted,” says Dolby Senior Director of Automotive Andreas Ehret. “It will be a place they will love to spend their time in, and we at Dolby are both humbled and proud in our contribution to make this a reality.” 

And in order to optimise the system to create this immersive audio experience, Polestar 3 uses Dirac digital signal processing 

Dirac automatically ensures that speaker interference (so-called “cross talk”) is minimised and the audio experience in Polestar 3 is optimised to the utmost, making sure all speakers are working in concert (yes we meant to do that) through their Dirac Opteo Professional system. Their multi-speaker collaboration algorithms, the only ones of their kind in the world, allow the speakers to work together and co-correct each other’s responses.  

“With the Dirac-enabled Bowers & Wilkins system, the Polestar 3 doesn’t just produce a premium sound experience for a car. It produces a premium sound experience in general,” explains Dirac Vice President and Head of Business Development Automotive Lars Carlsson. “On par with a high-quality home theater system.” 

Music can be a way to decorate time. And with the sound system of Polestar 3, driving time will be very well decorated indeed.  

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