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Oslo and Beijing are the current sites of our two spaces, homes for our cars and our brand. Soon, they’ll be joined by others, in cities all across the globe. When choosing these locations, we kept the visitor experience in mind. We wanted to be close to the centre, somewhere where everyone can feel welcome to pop in for a visit. As we’ve stated before, you shouldn’t need a car to buy a car.

A street corner with a Polestar space where a Polestar 1 is visible through large glass windows.

Our two existing spaces are each unique in their own way. The Beijing space is located in a modern shopping centre. The Oslo one, on the other hand, our first European space, breathed new life into a turn of the century building in the centre of town.         

And it’s not just the neighbourhood that’s important. It’s the neighbours. We want to be among brands that are similarly progressive. “You can find our Polestar spaces among those brands that we think are more progressive, whether they are fashion brands, cosmetics brands, or tech brands” says Rong Guan, Polestar interior architect.

It’s impossible to attempt to pick a favourite out of our spaces. Our Gothenburg space, however, is particularly special, and not just because it’s our hometown. With its five-metre-high ceiling, the former cinema on Kungsportsavenyn is the perfect home for our cars.

A street corner with a Polestar space visible through glass doors.

“We need to be in locations where customers are actually ready to engage with our brand. Therefore, it’s important that we find locations that are cater to that particular audience” says Johan Fischer, Polestar head of retail. “What we liked with the Gothenburg location was the ambience. A location where we could actually create something which was a touch more extraordinary.”

With locations that are carefully chosen, our spaces are ready to introduce those who are curious about the Polestar journey. Next up: Shanghai*.

*Editor's note: since this story was published, the Oslo and Beijing spaces have been joined by Shanghai, Nanjing, and Ningbo, with multiple locations throughout Europe, China and North America to follow. 


Modelling Pangaia clothes in industrial area.

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