We take requests: OTA update P2.2 featuring Apple CarPlay

The people have spoken. And we have listened.

The centre screen of Polestar 2 with Apple CarPlay shown.
We are now on our 12th OTA software release and constantly improving what we can implement in the car to enhance the overall experience.
Thomas Ingenlath

The Over-the-Air (OTA) updates that, in part, define the Polestar 2 Android Automotive OS have been a way to introduce new functionalities, features, improvements, and fixes. And while the previous eleven OTA updates have offered everything from range improvements to performance upgrades, it’s this twelfth update that brings something to the electric fastback that potential and current owners have been clamouring for.

Apple CarPlay.

The method for enabling a car’s display to act as a controller and display for an iOS device, Apple CarPlay is the most seamless way for iPhone users to connect their phone to their car. A function they can now perform in Polestar 2.

This OTA update, keeping in line with its predecessors, offers more than Apple CarPlay functionality.

AccuWeather and a Polestar performance app are also included, as well as the potential for in-car gaming via the Vivaldi web browser and the USB-C ports for connecting controllers. Enhancements and improvements for features like Road Sign Information, Adaptive Cruise Control and Pilot Assist, alongside bug fixes, round out one of the largest updates Polestar has released.

“We are now on our 12th OTA software release and constantly improving what we can implement in the car to enhance the overall experience,” says Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. “A built-in gaming experience means that time spent while charging can be even less inconvenient and a lot more fun. I look forward to seeing what this capability leads to in the future.”

For Polestar 2 drivers with the performance software upgrade, a new performance app developed in-house is also available. The performance app includes an acceleration timer function and a G-meter. The G-meter is also available for standard cars.

In the case of Apple CarPlay, we heard what the people said. And with OTA updates being released every seven weeks on average, sought-after functionalities and wished-for features will be added regularly.


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