Two WardsAuto awards for Polestar 2

You can’t win if you don’t play. So the saying goes. When the game is more sustainable electric mobility, everyone who’s playing is a winner. And for some, like Polestar 2, that’s literally the case. The fully electric fastback has recently received two WardsAuto awards.

Aerial view of a white Polestar 2 on the road with black nature around.
This is one of the most intuitive, efficient human-machine interfaces I’ve ever encountered in a car.
Jim Irwin

WardsAuto, a global leader in automotive intelligence which has been in operation since the Model T, are known for their yearly evaluations of engineering and technological innovations within automotive. This year, they’ve chosen Polestar 2 as one of 2021’s Best Engines & Propulsion Systems winners, as well as one of this year’s Best UX winners.

The jury panel praised Polestar 2’s mastery of a UX design philosophy that sees buttons replaced with AI, sensors, and voice commands, combined with a system that anticipates and reacts to user needs. “This is one of the most intuitive, efficient human-machine interfaces I’ve ever encountered in a car,” states judge Jim Irwin. This, along with the minimalistic design and the fact that it was the first car to feature a native Android Automotive OS, ensured Polestar 2’s victory.

And, in a confirmation of our holistic approach to the driver experience, it also won for its all-electric powertrain. Praised by WardsAuto judges as “the near-perfect blend of the BEV formulation”, Polestar 2 is “a blast to drive, (which) offers up enough miles between charges for any commuter with an electrical outlet in their garage”. Judges appreciated the multiple levels of regen braking, the acceleration, and the ease of parking made possible through creep mode.

“We are honored that the experts at WardsAuto selected Polestar 2 for this accolade,” said Gregor Hembrough, Head of Polestar North America. “The award validates the efforts our team has made to create a great performance EV.” 

Bringing society into a more sustainable electric age is the game. Everyone who plays, wins. Sometimes in multiple categories.


Paul Ivic leaning on his Polestar 2

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