The press returns to Hällered

The Polestar 2 is the result of endless design and engineering sessions, powered by Sweden’s might-as-well-be-actual-rocket-fuel coffee and a determination to show the world our take on electric mobility. We’re looking for any excuse to show it off, really. We’d bring a Polestar 2 to the front door of every licensed driver in the world if we could.

Back view of a black Polestar driving on a wet road.


But since we can’t (yet), we’re bringing journalists to our Hällered proving ground. See a sampling of their thoughts below, and links to the articles at the bottom. 

“It deserves your attention because instead of reinventing the wheel, it’s nailed the basics, the less glamorous things that actually make a difference to you day-to-day.” -CAR Magazine 

“If this car is anything to go by, the future will be bright for Polestar.” -Auto Express 

“(Polestar 2) is a genuinely desirable electric car with a useful range, slick infotainment, thumping performance and great build quality, along with a certain cool factor.” -Driving Electric

“Drives amazingly well…(with) road holding that is well above average.” -Top Gear Netherlands (article in Dutch)

“One thing is clear: Polestar 2, with its Google operating system, takes automotive one step further.” -20 Minuten (article in German)

“The design is sharp and unlike anything else.” -Teknikens Värld (article in Swedish)

“The cars show that a talented designer took the lead, and they’re technically very solid.” -Der Spiegel (article in German)

“Polestar 2 is fast, safe, and even at high speeds at the test facility demonstrates safe driving characteristics.” -Dagens Nyheter (article in Swedish)

"(Polestar 2's) muscularly attractive design will ensure that it draws eyeballs...around the world." -Autocar 

“(Polestar 2) drives amazingly well on its first test.” -Manners (article in Dutch)

“The fierce electric car rush is definitely here.” -Tek (article in Norwegian)

“The precision chassis of the Polestar 2 is neither muted nor soft and is consistently responsive.” -Expressen (article in Swedish)


Paul Ivic leaning on his Polestar 2

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