Stuff you don’t need on your road trip

Summer is here and that means it’s time for a road trip. It’s an unbeatable combo: the excitement of a holiday adventure, together with the freedom of the open road. But packing the car with all the essentials for a successful trip is no mean feat. In fact, it’s considered by many to be an exact science. We’ve compiled some brief tips about the stuff you don’t need to take with you in the year 2020. Especially in the Polestar 2.

Back view of a white Polestar 2 parked in front of a railing.

First, navigation. If you’re riding as the front-seat passenger you’ll be expected to answer all navigation questions. Until now, an A-Z roadmap was needed to assume your role as the fountain of all knowledge. Not anymore. Polestar 2 is your new navigation wingman and comes with a large 11.5inch centre display with Google Maps built in. It’s intuitive to use and full of useful information. Additionally, A Better Route Planner is available to optimise and streamline any trip.

Local knowledge is easy to get with the help of the Google Assistant. A simple question starting with: “Hey Google” will give you all the information you need about local points of interest, charging stations, restaurants and lots of other stuff along the way. 

And while we’re in the centre-stack display, let’s also tackle another important question:  the soundtrack to your journey. The faithful CD collection is now long gone replaced by online music services like Spotify. That’s also one less item to worry about and because Spotify is built into the infotainment system of the Polestar 2, you can get quick and easy access to your entire music collection. You can even listen to audio books for a bit of variety, saving you even more space.

Which leads us nicely to charging mobile devices. The USB-C outlets are available for rear-seat passengers so a simple cable will suffice and the latest wireless charging technology is available in the front. Simply place your phone on the induction charging tray in the centre console and, providing it is compatible, it’ll charge your device without any cables needed. So no need for lots of charging equipment either.

And as an extra bonus, you can forget about carrying spare oil, coolant or any other fluids associated with the internal combustion engine, as you’ll be travelling fully electric. A great way to save weight and increase storage space, and with range improvements coming regularly, you can go further while still keeping emissions at zero.

Now that you’ve removed some items off your road trip essentials list, there’s one question that remains unanswered. It’s possibly the most important question of all and can only be answered while en route to your summer destination of 2022:

“Hey Google, are we there yet?”


Cam and Lana Graves with their Polestar 2

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