Red Dot Awards 2020

A red dot shows where you are on the map. A Red Dot Award shows where you are as a brand on the map of design. Polestar now has three.

Pictured: Kraftwerk presents "The Polestar Brand-Machine".

The Red Dot Award is an internationally renowned annual contest which has become a well-established seal of quality for good design. The contest is broken down into three categories: Product Design, Brands & Communication Design, and Design Concept. Out of 6,992 entries from around the world, Polestar once again stood out for our pure progressive design and attention to detail.

The first award received is Red Dot’s highest distinction: Brand of the Year. This is a powerful acknowledgement of how our brand experience is designed and delivered. The jury evaluated the submissions and chose Polestar for “portraying a consistent brand image across various channels in its communication.”

“Introducing a new brand in the already saturated automotive market is no mean feat. Polestar was able to convince us that the brand did not emerge overnight. The brand presence is cool, electrifying and designed with long-lasting style,” comments Prof. Michel de Boer, Red Dot juror and Creative Director at De Boer & Wang Studio.

Polestar also received the Best of the Best award for consistency in design quality and creative performance. Finally, the Polestar 2 design book which Polestar produced in 2019 has received an award for creativity and good craftsmanship.

As a brand, it’s not enough to just be on the map. It is also important that you leave a red dot. Or three.


A white Polestar 2 charging outside of a white building.

Leading the charge: Polestar and Plugsurfing release an app

We need to make the right choice the desirable one. Electric mobility is the right choice. Its benefits, from the environmental to the economical, are obvious. And through design, technology, and innovation, we make the right choice the desirable one. People switch because they want the product, as well as the benefits.

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