Precept: Redefining premium

We’ve redefined electric performance. We’ve redefined the automotive retail experience. And we’re also redefining premium.

I Precept bruker vi bærekraftige materialer som redefinerer premium

Premium, when it came to cars, used to be something that was defined by chrome, leather, or wood. We set out to shift this paradigm, taking inspiration from fashion, footwear and the opportunities afforded by upcycling materials. With the application of new processes and materials, the old standards need not apply any longer.

“As a young car company, it would be a missed opportunity if we just apply the same recipes that the car industry has applied for decades. We carefully looked at how society is changing and how things are different these days and we asked ourselves: how does that affect the way we think? What do they do to our paradigms?” says Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar.

Precept features sustainable materials that redefine premium.
Precept features sustainable materials that redefine premium.

This is how we derived a new set of materials for the new premium. The seats, for example, feature 3D-knit: a woven fabric made from 100% recycled PET bottles. In other parts of the interior, bio vinyl which is composed of bottle stoppers and recycled cork is used. A material comprised of recycled fishing nets is utilised for the carpets. These high-tech, sustainable materials, combined with recycled aluminium detailing, create a new expression of premium.

Another material that is used in the Precept is the flax-based composite made by Swiss firm Bcomp. When it’s backlit, its naturally regular and geometric texture stands out.

Polestar 2 features WeaveTech which redefine premium.

This builds upon the foundation of material innovation that saw its first expression in the Polestar 2 with WeaveTech, our vegan material, which is inspired by drivers’ wetsuits. It’s an innovative and unique upholstery that is distinct from leather and is both dirt and moisture resistant. The Precept takes the next step in casting away traditional design cues and contributes to our new expression of premium.


Close-up of Maria Uggla holding the Polestar signature weave.

Polestar and Bcomp: The making of our signature interior weave

The car industry is undergoing seismic shifts. Powertrains, autonomous driving, and infotainment systems are completely transforming our understanding of mobility. Not to be outdone interior designers and fabric manufactures are making their own innovations - racing to find materials that are sustainable while still retaining an exclusive feel. And in the middle of the Swiss Alps, we think we've found just that.