Polestar Precept: From Concept to Car, Episode 4

You can’t be creative without limits.

A screenshot from the Precept documentary series saying Polestar Precept, From concept to car, Interior design.

Both a framework, and a series of barriers to overcome, limits force creative solutions. Thinking outside the box while remaining inside it, so to speak. Something interior designers know better than most.

The interior of a car is a volume defined by the size of the vehicle. In other words, the primary limit for designers, when dealing with the interior, is space. All the technological innovations, the ground-breaking materials, and the comfort and safety enhancing attributes must fit into said space.

Learn just how that’s done in episode 4 of “Polestar Precept: From Concept to Car”, and see all previous episodes, here.


Sebastian Herkner talking at his design studio

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