Golden moments in the Cube

Rarity adds value. The less common something is, the more it’s worth. Polestar 1, a hand-built electric performance hybrid, is one of these rare and correspondingly valuable things. One of the 25 Polestar 1s rendered in gold is even rarer. So, when three customers arrived at Polestar HQ to each take home a golden Polestar 1, we decided to document those golden moments.

Polestar 1 in gold

First introduced in 2021 at Auto Shanghai to mark the end of Polestar 1 production, the gold version features ‘’Sun’’ matte gold exterior paint job, matching brake calipers, gold stitching, and the distinctive golden seatbelts. The customers, current Polestar customers all, are very familiar with the Polestar 1. Getting the keys to a golden one, however, was a completely new experience.

‘’We’ve been leasing a Polestar 1 for two years now. Yesterday we gave it back, and today we’re getting our very own. It’s truly a unique car, so this feels amazing,” says Thomas L.

Hans L. and his wife ordered their first Polestar vehicle, a Polestar 2, sight unseen. After a visit to the Gothenburg space, they laid eyes on its performance hybrid sibling for the first time and were blown away, adding a 1 to their 2. 

’’I’ve had my eyes set on Polestar since it began. It’s an impressive brand that makes first-class cars. The Polestar 1 is extremely well-balanced, and it has impeccable road holding. I’ve never experienced anything like it,’’ he enthuses.

At a Polestar 1 customer event, Hans got the opportunity to go on an unforgettable ride with Joakim Rydholm. After that, he was convinced to order his third Polestar car. Customers Thomas and Monica L. also attended one of these events, seeing firsthand just what Polestar 1 was capable of.

’’Joakim took us on a crazy ride when there were twenty centimeters of snow on the ground. That ride made us understand how incredibly balanced the Polestar 1 is. It was unbelievable. When I got to drive the car myself, I confirmed that the steering was out of this world.’’ Says Thomas L.Polestar 1 has no shortage of unique attributes. Hand-built. Limited production. And the technological and engineering innovations that mark it as something truly special. But the new owners all admit that none of the above was what caused Polestar 1 to first appear on their radars.‘’The car’s looks were the first thing that caught my attention. It’s gorgeous,’’ states Martin J, another Polestar 1 customer who transitioned from leasing to owning with the purchase of his gilded performance hybrid.

“Polestar 1 never stops. It just keeps on giving. You feel weightless while driving. It’s incredible,’’ says Martin.

A special car deserves a special handover. And after a request from Thomas L, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath joined the unique handover day at HQ, to add an extra touch of gold.

‘’Having Thomas Ingenlath sign my car was something I’d planned a long time ago. Then the other buyers heard about it, and thought it was a fun idea. Thomas ended up signing all three cars,” explains Thomas L.

Rarity adds value. A truism that defines moments as well as objects. And the handover of three gold Polestar 1s, an event both rare and memorable. A truly golden moment.