For the sake of appearances: Polestar 2 lowering kit

Too often, things get dismissed as only being there “for decoration”.

The lowered Polestar 2, equipped with the lowering set.

And though we’re ardent believers in minimalism, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the occasional change made for aesthetic purposes. It’s nice when something looks nice.

Enter the lowering kit.

An aftermarket option* available for the Performance pack-equipped Polestar 2 only, the lowering kit consists of springs which lower the car by 20 mm. Log in, buy in the Extras web shop, contact Polestar Support to book a time, spend four hours doing whatever it is you do when you have four hours on your hands, and return to pick up a Polestar 2 with an even sportier ride height than before. The good news is that this alteration won’t affect the range, responsiveness, or performance. The bad news is that this alteration won’t affect the range, responsiveness, or performance. It’s purely cosmetic.

And what’s so wrong with that?

*This is only available for cars that are already on the road and cannot be added when configuring a Polestar 2.  


An overhead view of a building made of snow, with four Polestar cars nearby.

When in Rovaniemi

Do as the locals do. Words of wisdom that any seasoned traveller is familiar with. They don’t just govern behavior, however. They speak to the importance of having an open mind, embracing new customs, and adapting to one’s surroundings. There are equivalents in all languages. In English, one is told that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. It counts for the Italian capital, just as it counts for northern Finland. Which is exactly where we headed this winter.

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