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In 2019 we launched Polestar for the first time. In 2020 the photos and videos became real for many excited customers: a fully equipped car with all extra packages and the Performance Pack as a optional extra. Finally the whole lineup for Polestar 2 is ready, with simple differences in drivetrain, batteries and packs you can add to you configuration.

First off all, we have to mention the different drivetrains and batterypacks. There are all-in-all three different versions of Polestar 2 to choose from:

Standard Range Single Motor

From_____Has a 64 kWh battery which grants a WLTP-range of 420 km* (preliminary numbers)Single Motor with a maximum power of 165kW (224 hp)

Long Range Single Motor

Fra kr 409.000Has a 78 kWh battery which grants a WLTP-range of 510 km* (preliminary numbers)Single Motor with a maximum power of 170 kW (231 hk)

Long Range Dual Motor

Fra kr 429.000Includes the same battery as in the Long Range Single motor (78kW), but since this comes with a Dial Motor and all-wheel drive you get a total power output of 300 KW (408 hp) and a WLTP-range of up to 470 km*.

On the Long Range Dual Motor-variant you can also opt for the Performance Pack with Dual flow Öhlins, Brembo-brakes, 20" forged aluminium roms and details in Swedish Gold with a gloss black roof segment.

Relax and let Polestar 2 adjust the speed according to traffic. With the Pilot pack and Adaptive Cruise Control the car automatically registers the car ahead and adjusts the speed when necessary.
With the Plus pack you get Harman Kardon Premium Sound system which is specially designed and developed for the Polestar 2.

One of the biggest news is the three versions as mentioned above, but there are more news hiding between the lines.

Regardless of what version you choose, you can add the Plus Pack which also includes a heat pump. The heat pump is a complement to the AC in your Polestar 2, and uses thermal energy in the air and waste heat from the driveline and battery to control the temperature and increase the total range on colder days.

Another new thing is a new interior choice. In addition to WeaveTech and Nappa leather upholstery, you can now choose Embossed Textile in Charcoal and Zinc with 3D Etched deco.
Chrome delete is now also standard with Void, Snow, Magnesium and Thunder exterior options.

Polestar 2 redefines standard. There is nothing standard about our Standard Range Single Motor. There is nothing standard about the standard equipment that is included with all Polestar 2's either.

Among our standard equipment you can find our frameless mirrors which makes it easier to manouver in tight surroundings. Our infotainment system with Google built-in is also standard. And with a car that is always connected, you'll also have the possibility to update it over-the-air. LED-headlights, electric seats, adaptive LED-rear lights, rainsensor and keyless access with Polestar Digital Key is also included.


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