Collaboration and common goals: Polestar and MobilityXlab

Let’s hear it for common goals. Uniting different people, businesses and groups under the same banner is what truly drives progress. Granted, this is a given, but it bears repeating. Teamwork makes the dream work. Which is why we’ve partnered up with MobilityXlab.

Electric car in a garage

MobilityXlab is a Gothenburg-based innovation hub that facilitates collaboration between mobility and connectivity tech start-ups, and leading Swedish companies focused on driving change in those same areas. 

This partnership creates a pipeline between Polestar and the global start-up community, enabling close collaboration between these handpicked firms to incubate ideas and turn proofs-of-concept into reality. Together, we’ll explore the possibilities for both a more connected car, and a more sustainable form of mobility.

MobilityXlab partners include six global companies: CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Zenseact, with Polestar as the seventh.

Since its inception in 2017, the innovation hub has had applications from 38 different countries and invited 47 startups to collaborate, which has led to over 60 proof of concepts and resulted in 11 commercial contracts or partnerships. Such as Eyescanner, who have created a non-intrusive software that detects the influence of drugs and alcohol by filming a sequence on a person’s eye, potentially preventing drug-related traffic accidents. Or Chargetrip, whose idea is to eliminate range anxiety and give EV drivers confidence to go electric. They’ve created a routing engine that calculates the real-time range of EVs and the best corresponding route to the user’s destination, with optimal charge stations in between.

These are just two examples of young companies with pioneering ideas working alongside MobilityXlab to enable change, proving that there is strength in numbers.

We’re on our way towards a common goal: sustainable electric mobility. To reach that goal, collaboration is key.


Polestar and Pieter-Jan Lint

Out of a shared commitment to sustainability, Polestar is joining forces with vegan chef Pieter-Jan Lint.