Being outdated is outdated: new OTA updates for Polestar 2

A core principle of sustainability is future-proofing. Keeping items in use saves energy and reduces waste, as they’re thrown away or replaced less often. There are any number of ways to ensure a product doesn’t become obsolete. Durable materials. Timeless design. And OTA software updates, like the latest one available for Polestar 2.

Range assistant display inside a Polestar car
The connected nature of Polestar 2 means we can continue developing new features and improving existing attributes on a continual basis.
Thomas Ingenlath

The new P1.7 update includes a suite of features designed to enhance both the driver and user experience: an in-car Range Assistant app that improves efficiency and increases range confidence, an Eco Climate mode in said app that allows the driver to reduce demand on the battery from the climate system, and battery preconditioning improvements.

First introduced for Polestar 2 earlier in 2021, the battery is automatically preconditioned according to scheduled climate timers when plugged in. These timers can also be tweaked in the Polestar app. In other words, the battery’s temperature is optimised based on when the user plans to start driving.

It will also be optimised based on when the user plans to charge while on the road. When a fast-charging station is set as a destination or waypoint in Google Maps, the battery will be preconditioned along the route, enabling the fastest possible charge.

And these updates don’t just future-proof the latest Polestar 2 models. They’re applicable to cars delivered in July 2020.

“The connected nature of Polestar 2 means we can continue developing new features and improving existing attributes on a continual basis,” states Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. “Since our first update late in 2020 we have released several upgrades that have improved range, efficiency, connectivity and the driving experience.”

These updates ensure that Polestar 2 stays on the cutting edge. It was innovative upon release. It’s innovative now. And it will continue to be innovative with each OTA update. To be as sustainable as possible, cars need to be future-proof.

Any other approach would be outdated.


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