What's in my frunk: with Antti Autti

In the northern reaches of Finland, where the winter winds howl and the snow-covered landscapes stretch as far as the eye can see, we find a man who has carved his own path through the powdery slopes. Antti Autti, a professional snowboarder from Rovaniemi, Finland, has not only conquered the peaks but has become a passionate advocate for the sport, blending his love for snowboarding with a commitment to sustainability.

“I always keep my study kit for the snow in my frunk,” Finland’s leading snowboarder says opening the car’s frunk. “It's a big part of what I do nowadays in free riding. I have to understand what's happening with the snow.” Welcome to the inner sanctum of Antti Autti’s Polestar 2. A place filled with some familiar (and not-so-familiar) items. But Antti's journey into the world of snowboarding began much earlier on at the tender age of 10, when he was fuelled by a desire for the freedom that the sport offered. The rebellious spirit of carving his way through the snow captured his imagination – a stark departure from the structured team sports of his earlier years. By 13, the idea of competing professionally became a distinct possibility, and at 17, he inked his first contract, embarking on a path that would see him clinch victories at prestigious events like the X Games in 2005 and secure two World Championship gold medals.

Yet, for Antti, the true measure of success lies not only in trophies but in finding joy in the smallest moments on the mountains. Whether navigating the terrain of the Arctic, his beloved home region, or conquering the superpipe events in Japan, Antti’s passion for snowboarding remains undiminished.

“The invitational events, where there have been over 70,000 people watching you doing tricks, have been quite a memorable experience. But what I think is the biggest achievement is that I can still find joy even in the smallest days in the mountains or in the ski resorts, and just generally find new motivations to progress my snowboarding,” Antti says.


Beyond the thrill of competition, Antti has embraced a holistic approach to his career. He has immersed himself in projects like "Arctic Lines," a three-year exploration of the diverse terrains in his home region. “It has been an interesting journey to learn about myself and the mountains,” he says. This project reflects his commitment to human-powered exploration (he actively engages with initiatives that focus on raising awareness about climate change among outdoor enthusiasts) and a deep connection with nature – a theme that extends beyond his snowboarding pursuits.

Introduced to the Polestar brand a few years ago, Antti was immediately drawn to its style and commitment to reducing emissions. The Polestar 2 in particular aligns with his values, offering not just a mode of transportation but an experience that resonates with his love for clean, pristine landscapes. For someone who scrutinises every detail of his equipment, the Polestar 2's design and driving experience have left a lasting impression.

“I feel very in tune with the car when I’m driving. When I'm snowboarding in the mountains, I'm trying to find the cleanest and nicest line down and, in some ways, when I've been driving the Polestar 2, I've felt a similar feeling,” Antti says. 

Close up of Antti Autti.
A landscape image of a snowy Northern Finland.
What I think is the biggest achievement is that I can still find joy even in the smallest days in the mountains or in the ski resorts.
Antti Autti, professional snowboarder

Antti's connection with Polestar 2 extends beyond the driver's seat. As he opens the trunk and frunk of his car, a snowboarder's essentials spill out: a snowboard, boots, helmet, goggles, a backpack filled with water, backup gear, and a crucial first aid kit. But what catches the eye is the contents of the frunk – his "study kit" for the snow-covered expanses.

“My favourite location to snowboard right now is in the Arctic. I love it because It's my home region and I find it very interesting because here we have a very changing snowpack, meaning that you have to understand the nature very well to be able to ride big lines or challenge yourself, and that is something that I've sort of grown into liking more and more in my career,” Antti says.

With a shovel, broom, and snow saw, Antti delves into the intricacies of snow conditions. The snow kit becomes his tool for understanding the ever-changing nature of the snowpack, a vital aspect of his free-riding adventures.

“Usually, I find a location in the backcountry and dig a snow pit which allows me to study the snow to learn about its conditions. It tells me how the snowpack is forming, which helps me understand what’s happening in the nature during the winter to make safe, informed decisions when snowboarding,” Antti says as he walks us through his kit.

As he delves into the depths of the snowpack, Autti isn't just chasing the thrill of the ride; he's immersing himself in the science of the mountains. The frunk of his Polestar 2 becomes a mobile laboratory, reflecting a harmonious blend of adventure and environmental responsibility.



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