Beyond the Road: Tanja Sotka

Welcome to our third episode of Beyond the Road, a content series where we highlight Polestar owners’ stories from all over the world. In this episode, we met up with real estate agent Tanja Sotka in the remote and serene landscapes of Finland’s Lapland, where she finds solace and purpose.

Having previously visited the sunny skies of California and windswept Gothenburg in Sweden, we’ve now swapped the scenery for something sub-zero-esque. Originating from the northern city of Oulu, nestled near the Arctic Circle, Tanja spent two decades navigating the fast-paced life of Helsinki. However, her longing for a life closer to her values led her to Lapland, a decision she has never regretted.

After relocating, Tanja found herself drawn to the real estate sector, specialising in luxury properties. But for her, it wasn't just about buying and selling houses; it was about helping people appreciate a slower pace of life.

"I think my main purpose is to help others find their peace and help them to feel more connected with nature," Tanja explains.

Living in a holiday village surrounded by Lapland's awe-inspiring landscapes, Tanja describes her day-to-day life as a blend of work and pleasure. Reindeers roam freely, and the local bird, the Siberian jay, eats from her hand, creating a seamless connection to the environment.

The tranquil everyday life in Lapland contrasts starkly with the hustle of city living, providing a space for Tanja to recover and reconnect with herself. "Living in Lapland means being surrounded by nature, where everyday activities like horseback riding, skiing, and snowboarding become a part of life's natural rhythm," Tanja says. This freedom of choice aligns with the spontaneous spirit of Lapland, allowing each day to unfold as a new adventure.

Tanja Sotka walking in the Finnish, snowy, forest
Dried heathers hanging on a house.
I think my main purpose is to help others find their peace and help them to feel more connected with nature.
Tanja Sotka

Lapland's unique seasons play a pivotal role in Tanja's experience. Winter, a time for inner reflection, is marked by polar nights and the spectacle of the Northern Lights. As summer arrives with 24-hour daylight, Lapland bursts into life, offering a vibrant celebration of nature.

The magic of Lapland isn't confined to its natural beauty; it extends to the community's support and the connection Tanja feels with her friends. Living here has transformed her into a more compassionate and interconnected individual, providing a unique perspective away from the polarised world she sometimes perceives through the news.

Amidst the breathtaking landscapes, Tanja found a vehicle that resonated with her values – Polestar 2. After experiencing traditional hybrid cars, Polestar 2 marked her entry into the world of electric vehicles. 

"Discovering Polestar was a revelation for me, as it aligned perfectly with my values of sustainability, quality, and beautiful design, making it the obvious choice for my first electric car," Tanja says. She compares the shift from traditional cars to Polestar to the revolutionary change from Nokia to iPhone, declaring she can never go back.

Tanja’s cruises through Lapland's scenic roads (the road between her workplace in Levi and Ylläs being particularly dramatic) are a daily reminder of Lapland's beauty, which she shares on social media, inviting others to imagine the picturesque landscapes she encounters.

Whether it's the captivating Northern Lights or the daily drive through Lapland's beauty, Tanja's life revolves around moments of wonder and connection. And for those seeking the Northern Lights, Tanja advises a winter visit, avoiding light pollution for an optimal experience.


Tanja's Polestar 2 parked in the cold


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