Goodbye big ears. Hello frameless mirrors.

They might not be the first thing you look at when you’re sizing up a car, but the Polestar 2’s side mirrors are a perfect example of our aesthetic approach. Their clean, frameless design is the result of a process of carefully stripping away unnecessary elements to reveal form and function in their simplest expression.

Reflection, reinvented

Side mirrors are there to improve visibility and safety for drivers and passengers. But in typical mirror designs, the enclosure around the glass can actually obscure the driver’s view of their surroundings. Our signature frameless mirrors minimise the size of the enclosure, returning visibility to the driver and drastically reducing the blind spots.

Style and performance

There’s more to the frameless mirrors than their sleek, futuristic look. By minimizing the size of the enclosure around the glass, we cut the overall volume of the mirror unit by 30%, which makes a small contribution to the car’s aerodynamic performance.

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Conscious styling

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