To our Polestar family around the world

In these testing times, we wanted to keep you informed of how we are doing our part. We are all in this together and as ever, the safety of our employees, partners and customers is our highest priority.

The Polestar logo on Polestars headquarters, The Cube.

In our second home in China, we implemented stringent measures from the beginning of this year to look after our staff and their families.

As well as temperature screenings and thoroughly disinfecting our factories, we provided masks and medical checkups for all employees. This helped us to avoid any cases of coronavirus in our teams in China.

In Europe and North America, we have learned from this experience and all Polestar team members are equipped and empowered to work from home.

Our employees are committed to the challenge we have to protect one another.

We remain equally dedicated to deliver on the promises we have made to you, our customers.

Our precautions and planning over the last months mean that we have begun Polestar 2 production this week.

We will face further challenges in the coming weeks and we will continue to support and protect our Polestar global community.

Thank you all for supporting us in this dream opportunity over the past three years. We will continue to strive to achieve with passion and purpose.

We are indebted to the heroic work of all doctors, nurses, public health experts, researchers and public servants who are fighting to protect our global community.

It is the human spirit in rising to this challenge that inspires us to keep innovating and driving for change, to tackle our future challenges and stay truthful to our ambition.



Modelling Pangaia clothes in industrial area.

PANGAIA and Polestar: Commitment and Collaboration

PANGAIA is a materials science company bringing problem-solving innovations to the world through premium lifestyle products. They are on a mission to reshape the fashion landscape, inspiring and accelerating action towards an Earth-positive future.