Polestar 2 receives BBC Top Gear Magazine's “Best All-Rounder” award

When it comes to dedication, one area we remain focused on is defining a new premium. It encompasses design, innovation and, of course, sustainability. That’s why it’s so gratifying when someone recognizes our approach. Because when it comes to confirmation and endorsement, there is no greater seal of approval than being named the best in all the aspects you value the most.

If the future of electric cars is built on first attempts like this, then the future is bright for EVs. And like the star that shares its name, the Polestar leads the way.

Polestar 2, our meticulously designed and obsessively engineered EV, has just been awarded Best All-Rounder in BBC Top Gear Magazine’s 2021 Electric Car awards issue. Judged against the greatest electric cars in the world right now, Polestar 2 was praised for being the most rounded everyday EV on the market. The car’s subtle interior, stylish exterior and balanced, yet mature, personality were also highlighted. Ultimately, the performance fastback proved that both the media, industry and consumers are ready for a new kind of premium.  

“The Polestar 2 is a standout. Not because it’s perfect, but because it has a gentle character that gives it just that little measure of soul,” says BBC Top Gear Magazine’s Tom Ford. 

For the special issue, BBC Top Gear Magazine set about modifying a Polestar 2 into its vision of how an adventure-ready electric fastback should look. The car was then taken for a midnight cruise through Kielder Forest, looking for Polaris. A Polestar looking for its namesake.

Not only did this particular Polestar 2 make use of its fully adjustable Öhlins dampers and Brembo braking system on the rough roads around the national park’s observatory, but its headlights were also supplemented with six extra driving lights. Spare wheels and tires were brought along on an aerodynamically optimized roof rack.

 “If the future of electric cars is built on first attempts like this, then the future is bright for EVs. And like the star that shares its name, the Polestar leads the way,” asserts Tom Ford.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath comments: “A significant award has been added to our growing trophy cabinet for Polestar 2. To be named the Best All-Rounder amongst such established brands is a huge achievement for us.”

Polestar 2 aims to redefine what premium electric mobility can be. A mission statement from a company dedicated to accelerating the shift to more sustainable mobility. And to have the experts endorse our approach makes all that dedication worthwhile.


Chioma Nnadi in a Polestar 2.

Polestar at the Met Gala

Few things occupy the space where design, art, and innovation meet as naturally as fashion. The runway is a known environment for true experimentation, showcasing new techniques, materials, and design philosophies to audiences eager to see what’s next and what’s still in the realm of fantasy. The Met Gala, colloquially known as “fashion’s big night out”, is where the who’s who of this world congregate. And to meet up at this meeting of minds, participants took another thing that’s perfectly at home in the middle of the Venn diagram of design, art, and innovation: Polestar 2.

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