Polestar 2 colours: Midnight tops the charts

The people have spoken. Midnight is the most popular exterior colour for the Polestar 2. As of July 2019, a whopping 26% of Polestar 2 configurations had Midnight as an exterior colour.

We love Midnight. We also love all the others. The unflinching blackness of Void. The modern sophistication of Moon. The distinctive crispness of Snow. The subtle modernity of Magnesium. And of course, the restrained power of Thunder. The whole line-up is our favourite.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. And it appears that 26% of beholders rank Midnight as the first among equals. Visit our configurator to see all of the colours, and decide for yourself which one is your number one.


Polestar 2 receives BBC Top Gear Magazine's “Best All-Rounder” award

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