Craftsmanship's comeback: the Allebike Alpha Polestar edition

Craftsmanship is making a comeback. Some say it's a dying art form in a fast-moving world. We'd argue it embodies all things premium. Our newest additional, the Allebike Alpha Polestar edition, does just that. There will always be a place for craftsmanship in our world. In this case, in our Additionals web shop.

A backlit mountainbike in warehouse.

Co-engineered, co-designed, and colour-coordinated. The outcome of our collaboration with Swedish high-end bicycle company Allebike, is grounded, as with all our collaborations, in shared values. With the same attention to details, passion for design and technology, we co-created the Allebike Alpha Polestar edition. Allebike is a family-owned high-end bicycle manufacturer founded in 2003, based in Alingsås, a small town outside Gothenburg. The company's co-founder Alexander Blomqvist, the eponymous "Alle", is also a designer and team director.It was as a teenager that Alexander's dream of designing his own bicycle was realized. After pleading with his parents to get a bike from Italian manufacturer Bianchi, his father figured they could probably build a bike themselves, and Alle was challenged to sketch his dream bike. The logo, produced in Microsoft's Paint, read "Allebike" in Comic Sans. And thus, the first Allebike was born.Since then, the company has evolved into a design and performance-focused, high-end bike manufacturer, with bikes designed, tested, and hand-built by a dedicated team of cyclists.  Much like Alexander's adventures, Polestar and Allebike's journey started with an idea: the ambition of creating a bespoke Polestar edition mountain bike. 


Allebike Alpha Polestar edition.

Everything from geometrically establishing the perfect angles, to 3D-rendering and printing, to moulding the form, had to be considered during the making of the bike. The carbon frame was produced using EPS technology, in which layers of carbon weave are placed by hand into the mould, forming the final frame. Once the frame is taken out of the mould, it's polished and painted.Each bike is then carefully assembled by hand at Allebike. And the results speak for themselves. But here's the breakdown of what makes this special edition so special.

Allebike Alpha Polestar edition is a special edition of Allebike's versatile Alpha model, ready to tackle any terrain. The bike's carbon frame is geometrically engineered with a more angular design to make up-hill climbs faster. On the descent, full-suspension dampers are crucial.

And that's where Öhlins comes in.

As with our cars, the bike is equipped with state-of-the-art dampers from our long-time collaborators, Swedish suspension manufacturers Öhlins.  The dampers in Swedish gold are tuned specifically for the Allebike Alpha Polestar edition to give it optimal performance.

The Swedish gold dampers, a characteristic of the Polestar Performance pack, is not the only attribute the bike shares with our cars. It's also colour-coordinated with the Polestar 2, available in two exterior metallic colours: Snow and Space. 

The bespoke Polestar edition will be sold and delivered by Allebike, accessible via our Additionals shop.    Craftsmanship does not get enough credit these days. But this passion, skill and attention to detail is not lost on us. There's a spot for handmade in this world, whether it's in a small town in western Sweden, on a tree-lined incline, or alongside the other additionals of a certain EV manufacturer. 


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