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Service & AssistanceConvenience when you need it most

Service & AssistanceConvenience when you need it most

Getting your Polestar serviced or repaired is as hassle-free as driving one. Our service network ensures that personal assistance is always within reach. And if you need roadside assistance, you can use the dedicated button in the car to reach us, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We work hard to minimise your inconvenience.

We are planning a network of service locations all over Australia to be at your disposal. ​

In the unfortunate event of a breakdown press the dedicated “CONNECT” button in the ceiling of your Polestar car to get help at your exact location. Alternatively, call 1300 836 403 and select the appropriate option. In emergency situations or in the event of an accident press the “SOS”-button in the ceiling alternatively call 112.

Roadside Assistance

Polestar cars are built with great attention to detail. So it’s only logical that we service and repair them with the same uncompromising attitude.

Convenience when you need it most

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