Instant improvements: Polestar 2 OTA updates

Let’s hear it for instant gratification. Conventional wisdom has always held that the anticipation of having something is often better than the thing itself. That delayed gratification only increases one’s happiness when delivery is finally taken. On the other hand, if an improvement to something becomes available, there’s no sense in waiting. And we’ve never been big believers in convention anyway.

In-car display showing an green checkbox for installation success.
With OTA we will be able to push new software out regularly, which means that even the earliest cars can run the latest version and gain new features.
Thomas Ingenlath

Therefore, we’re rolling out Over-the-Air (OTA) updates for Polestar 2.

“With OTA we bring the latest software updates straight to Polestar 2 customers just like they experience it on their smartphones,” comments Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO. “Our engineers are constantly improving functionality and developing new features. With OTA we will be able to push new software out regularly, which means that even the earliest cars can run the latest version and gain new features.”

This has a number of clear advantages. Firstly, it does away with workshop visits for functionality and feature upgrades. It makes Polestar 2 more future proof, from the ground-breaking Android Automotive infotainment system to the vehicle itself ; an experience as cutting edge as it was upon release. Thirdly, these improvements can be implemented as they become available. No more playing the waiting game.

And these improvements are more than just bug fixes (though they are of course included).

“With our latest OTA update we provide improvements to various items including Bluetooth connectivity, climate timers, the digital owner’s manual and the 360° camera. It also includes an upgrade to the latest Android Automotive operating system, range improvements and incremental speed improvements for DC charging, as well as a safety-related propulsion bug fix,” continues Thomas Ingenlath.

OTA upgrades have been the standard for smartphones for years, extending their use phase and reducing both overconsumption and waste. And given how connected and digital the modern car is, the time is right to extend regular wireless updates to the automotive sphere.

After all, why wait?


Close-up of battery parts.

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