Drive-in cinema: Polestar delivers a modern twist to an old classic

The drive-in is a treasured Aussie pastime that conjures up nostalgic memories of a bygone era – classic movies and a bit of old-fashioned fun with your family or a carload of friends!

Polestar 2 drive in cinema

While those essential ingredients will remain the same (along with bottomless popcorn!) Polestar has reimagined the drive-in to host Australia’s first, pure electric vehicle drive-in cinema event in Sydney.

The pop-up cinema will take place on the rooftop of the Entertainment Quarter car park from May 4 – 7 with the iconic Sydney skyline taking a backseat to the showcase, which will feature some of the latest Hollywood Blockbusters 

We’re looking forward to welcoming our customers on the night, but in the spirit of all great movie experiences, they’re best shared... 

Moviegoers who drive pure electric vehicles from any brand will have exclusive access to the event, so be sure to invite your EV-driving friends!

Battery-powered generators will silently deliver the following movies across four nights:

•    Thursday 4th May – Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre•    Friday 5th May – Avatar 2: The Way of Water•    Saturday 6th May – The Super Mario Bros. Movie•    Sunday 7th May – Dirty Dancing 

Commenting on the event, Jonathan Williams, Head of Marketing at Polestar Australia said, “Polestar is all about redefining norms, and reimagining the world around us in a more sustainable way. Electrifying the drive-in seemed like a great way to bring this concept to life.”

A range of snacks and drinks will be available to purchase on the night.

Thanks to our friends at Mov’in Cinema for helping to bring this experience to life.

Details as follows:

What – Polestar x Mov’in CarWhen – From 6pm to 11pm, Thursday 4th May to Sunday 7th May 2023Where – Roof Top Carpark, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney.Tickets can be booked via more information visit

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Polestar Concecpt BST at Goodwood stand

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