Details make a difference: Polestar 2 design and performance upgrades

Sometimes, the smallest things can have the greatest impact. A fitting sentiment from a company made up of the detail obsessed. Since Polestar’s inception, the details have been in focus. As has our ambition to constantly improve.

Polestar 2: Exterior colour Jupiter

It’s that drive for constant improvement that saw us release our sustainability upgrades for Polestar 2. And it’s that obsession with detail that led us to roll out the recent performance and design upgrades.


Polestar 2: Exterior colour Space

Starting with exteriors, we left Void and Moon behind and found ourselves two new exterior colours: Space and Jupiter. Space is a deeper metallic black and Jupiter is a variation of grey and gold, with a silver perspective.‘’An anodized expression, sharp and technical but still with a soft feeling, dominates the character of this colour,” explains the colours and materials team. “Digital devices, tech and product design were the inspiration behind Jupiter. It becomes high-end and elegant due to the warm subtone.’’ Magnesium is now the standard exterior colour in this all-metallic exterior update.


19” 5-Double Spoke Black Diamond Cut Alloy wheel.

The 19” 5-Double Spoke Black Diamond Cut Alloy wheel with asymmetrical diamond cut graphics and the large contrasting surfaces in glossy black, gives the fully electric Polestar 2 a dynamic expression.

Our 20” 5-V Spoke Black Silver Alloy Wheel features a bold black and silver design with multifaceted surfacing. And the symmetrical triangles of the wheel echo the geometric forms of the car itself.

Ventilated Nappa leather Zinc interior with Light Ash deco.

It's not only the exterior colours and details that have undergone a shift. Our search for the best possible leather solution led us to both a new supplier and a new interior appearance. Ventilated Nappa leather Zinc interior with Light Ash deco replaces the Barley and Reconstructed Wood in the Polestar 2. These new upgrades continue the minimalistic, modern expression of the exterior, enabling configurations with all colours, from Midnight to Magnesium.

Sunshade for the panoramic glass roof

Another new extra is a sunshade for the panoramic glass roof with a spot in the additional shop to follow soon. The sunshade is a clip-on onto the 99.5% UV resistant and heat resistant panoramic glass roof.

Heat pump software upgrade: Polestar 2

The heat pump software upgrade enhances energy consumption at a temperature range from -7° C up to 25° C. This software upgrade will help improve the efficacy of cars equipped with the Plus pack.

Air quality app: Polestar 2

As an EV maker, we’ve always prioritised the air outside the car, but that doesn’t mean we don’t also prioritise the air inside. All Polestar 2 cars have CleanZone technology from standard, but we are now offering more advancements to this in the Plus pack. It includes new interior sensors, advanced cabin filter and an in-car app. This filter removes pollen, pollution, and other harmful substances from the exterior air on its way into the cabin, with the app providing detailed information as to what’s been removed and in what quantity.

The difference is indeed in the details. No matter what size.   


Stig Blomqvist in Polestar 3

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