Polestar Concept BST: Everything you need to know

All great performance cars are born out of passion, not necessity. They are objects of desire, with a singular purpose: pure driving pleasure. Every Polestar is special and thrilling to drive in its own unique way, but for those who want to be at the absolute bleeding edge of performance, we have BST.

The BST story started out as a one-off and totally unique Polestar 2. Created in secret by our Head of Chassis Development Joakim Rydholm, it was an exploration of just how extreme a Polestar 2 could be. Featuring more power, grippier tyres, beefed up suspension and even a strut-brace through the boot, it was as thrilling an EV as you would ever drive.

The battleship grey ‘experimental Polestar 2’ would sit parked outside our HQ. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath used it as his daily driver, all the while contemplating how something like it could be put into series production.

Over Summer in 2020, visitors to the Polestar HQ, as well as passers by would remark on social media about the ‘Beast’ parked outside. Over time, the name stuck. And the BST name was born.

Enter the Polestar 2 BST edition 270. This car was an expression of our performance DNA in its purest form. Featuring 350kw/476hp, totally bespoke remote reservoir Öhlins dampers, lower ride height and Pirelli P Zero tyres, it was a laser focussed exercise in driving precision.

A second version of the car would arrive in 2023 in the form of the Polestar 2 BST edition 230. This car added Nebula paintwork and eco-conscious MicroSuede interior textiles.

Three different versions of Polestar 2 BST in front of Polestar HQ in Gothenburg.

But this was just the start of the BST story….

“Bringing the BST concept to each and every car line we have is what the conviction is today. We should and will develop a BST version of each.”

Before we can start out on that journey, Polestar – a design focussed brand – needed a concept that defines just what BST is. This is where the Polestar Concept BST comes in.

Think of it not like a production car, but more a design study of the extreme. An execution of our vision of the naughtier side of Scandinavian design.

The paint choice, a classic motorsport-style silver, is adorned with a large wrap-around BST decal. Some of the greatest racing cars in history are known just for their liveries, so we wanted to showcase Polestars’ own take on that.

At the front of the Concept BST is a large splitter, matched with a diffuser at the rear, while the car runs on a wider track with flared arches and a lowered stance. 22-inch wheels and performance tyres are met with hints of Swedish gold as the large brake calipers shine through the rims.

Inside, motorsport inspired Nappa leather seats and gold detailing are combined with an innovative design that is incorporated into the passenger cell of the vehicle.

Lastly - and a first for Polestar - is an extensive rear wing. Like all things Concept BST, it is theoretical and a design exercise, but showcases the BST take on what aerodynamic additions could look like.


For those who want to witness the Polestar Concept BST in person, join us at our stand throughout the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Can’t make it? The film above will show you the car in all its glory.


Polestar 2 in a square in Berlin

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