Polestar 3: Press impressions from the Arctic Circle

Nestled in the snowy landscapes of Jokkmokk, Sweden, we recently welcomed a handful of journalists eager to test drive the Polestar 3 on ice. Here, where temperatures plummet well below freezing and daylight is a precious commodity, the true capabilities of the Polestar 3 were put to the test. Over two weeks, on a bespoke test track carved into the ice of a meter-thick frozen lake, they got behind the wheel to experience our first SUV first-hand. Here's what they had to say.

Two front facing Polestar 3 in Space and Snow exterior colours.

Why subject the Polestar 3 to the rigors of an Arctic winter? It's all about pushing the boundaries of performance and ensuring that every component operates flawlessly in harsh conditions. However, winter testing isn't just about braving extreme temperatures; it's about fine-tuning driving dynamics.

Led by Polestar's Head of Chassis Development, Joakim Rydholm, the team leveraged the unique conditions of the polar region to fine-tune every aspect of the Polestar 3's driving dynamics. Through countless hours of experimentation and analysis, they have honed its handling, steering, dampers, traction control, and stability systems to perfection, ensuring an unparalleled driving experience in any environment.

For the second time, the aptly nicknamed "Joakim-ring" (after the aforementioned Joakim Rydholm) served as the perfect playground for journalists to put the Polestar 3 through its paces. Joakim carefully designed this track to exploit various chassis control techniques that allow drivers to analyze the car's behavior on ice, with studded tires providing much-needed friction.

Joakim-ring track in Jokkmokk, aerial view.

But Joakim and his bucket list track weren't the only things that impressed the journalists. The Polestar 3's performance made headlines with its BorgWarner-developed Torque Vectoring Dual Clutch (TVDC) system. This technology allows for lightning-fast torque distribution to each rear wheel, up to 100% from side to side, ensuring optimal traction in every scenario and superbly sharp cornering responses.

"The steering is excellent. The car feels perfectly balanced. You can really feel that 50-50 weight balance. It just pivots like a mid-engine car," one journalist said.

Joakim's influence is evident in every curve of the ice track. With his passion for driving and attention to detail, the Polestar 3 performs at every turn. After all, he is an accomplished rally driver

As the journalists took to the ice track, they were greeted by a vehicle that delivered a thrilling driving experience reminiscent of a finely tuned sports car. The Polestar 3's Scandinavian-inspired design hinted at its performance pedigree, but it was behind the wheel where its true capabilities shone through.

The TVDC on the rear axle provided precise control of the rear end, allowing even novice drivers to navigate the track with confidence. From tight corners to sweeping bends, the Polestar 3 exhibited a level of handling that left the journalists impressed. Direct steering, shrewdly tuned adaptive suspension, and an abundance of power combined to create a driving experience that was both engaging and enjoyable. After all, we think driving should be fun.

Polestar 3 rear in snow.
Side view of Polestar 3 in Space colour.

And the journalists seemed to agree. Many commented on its precise handling and responsive steering, while others highlighted its smooth power delivery and acceleration.

One journalist remarked, "Driving on a frozen lake, I predicted it would probably be about an 11-out-of-10 terrifying experience. But it's actually a 15-out-of-10 fun. A large part of that is down to the genius nature of the Polestar 3."

Another journalist added, "It feels remarkably light and compact. I don't think I've ever experienced anything like it."

"Polestar 3 is a huge step up in class, driver involvement, design, and performance," one journalist concluded.

In the end, as the sun dipped below the horizon, allowing the elusive northern lights to illuminate the sky, we bid farewell to the Polestar 3. For now. With production of the Polestar 3 starting last week, we're closer than ever to seeing this car on the roads. 

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Polestar 3 in Snow on snow.


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