Jake and Caroline Danehy: Approaching sustainability.

Take a ride from New York City to Fire Island with the co-founders of sustainable beachwear company Fair Harbor Clothing.

Jake and Caroline Danehy grew up near the beach in Fair Harbor. Now based in New York City, the siblings are co-founders and chief executives of a sustainable beachwear line named for the place where their love of the ocean and commitment to the environment began – a place they still get away to, every chance they get. 

“Sustainability is incredibly important in our lives... I wouldn’t buy the Polestar 2 just for the sustainability aspect, but because of the smooth ride and feeling when we’re in the car.” 

Utilizing innovative material technologies similar to those that make the Polestar 2 vegan WeaveTech interiors, Fair Harbor turns recycled plastics into fabric for clothing and swimwear that’s not only sustainable but stylish and ultra-comfortable, too. 

“Our mission is to make products for people to enjoy the places they love while protecting those places at the same time. We’re not waiting for the future – we’re making it.”

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