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Few things symbolise freedom like a road trip. Open vistas, unique experiences, and the feeling that something new lies just over the horizon make road trips timelessly compelling. And few places match the United States when it comes to an association with hitting the open road. Where better, then, to continue the Polestar 2 roadshow?

Image credit: Courtney Cutchen

Hitting 34 locations from Westport, Connecticut to San Jose, California, the American iteration of the Polestar 2 roadshow (also known as “2 on Tour”) brought the fully electric fastback to multiple locations, letting more people have that all-important test drive that remains the most convincing argument for switching to EVs in general, and Polestar 2 in particular.

“I've been a Polestar fan since day one,” stated a vacationer from Atlanta at the Austin roadshow stop. “We’re patiently waiting for the space to open so we can finally get our PS2 and be the first ones in ATL to have it.”

“I think I’m going to end up buying two of these,” claimed another attendee.

In addition to bringing both the brand and its first fully electric offering to such locations as Columbia, South Carolina and Scottsdale, Arizona, the roadshow also saw some photographers take the Polestar 2 for extended test drives, echoing the Cherrydeck competition.


Polestar 2 by Courtney Cutchen.
Image credits: Courtney Cutchen (1-2), Adam Lerner (3-4), David Bush (5-6)

“Polestar 2 is a car that I have been seeing an increasing number of out on the road, and every time I see one, I immediately know what I'm looking at,” says Bay Area automotive photojournalist Courtney Cutchen. “There's no confusing it with any other vehicle on the road.”

“You have the driving power and dynamics of what would be a very expensive sports ICE car but with no noise and zero emissions,” enthuses Adam Lerner, a New York-based editorial and portrait photographer. “I would buy a Polestar 2. It enlightened me to what it'd be like to own an EV.”

“Polestar 2 takes what's great and easy and intuitive about modern ICE cars, and translates it into the language of EVs,” says Detroit photographer David Bush. “It feels tech forward without needing to resort to gimmicks.”

Road trips are packed with symbolism. Freedom. Self-determination. Exploration. And now, thanks to the Polestar 2 roadshow, they also symbolise a more sustainable electric future.


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