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Driver support

Driver support systems

The vehicle is equipped with a number of driver support systems that can provide the driver with active or passive assistance in various situations.

Driver support warnings

If you find that the vehicle is acting in a way that you did not expect, one of the vehicle's safety-related functions may have been activated.

Speed-dependent steering wheel resistance

Speed-dependent power steering increases the steering wheel resistance in pace with the vehicle's speed, which can help give the driver an enhanced feeling of control and stability.

Ready to drive notification

The vehicle's systems can help alert the driver when the vehicle ahead starts driving again.

Braking assist after a collision

In a collision in which the activation level is reached for the pyrotechnic seat belt tensioners or airbags, or if a collision with a large animal is detected, the vehicle's brakes will be automatically activated. This function is intended to help prevent or reduce the effects of any subsequent collision.